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Zero Waste Company

Diversified Logistic Services has been "Going Green" long before the "Going Green" phrase was coined".  We have long believed that it was a shame to waste perfectly good wood scraps and saw dust. So for many years we have been finding ways for them to be reused.

We have worked with various community urban gardens such as Long Beach  Organics, which used them in mulch, plot boarders, composting, signage,  chipped wood for paths, and sifting soil boxes.

We have also worked with local schools and boys and girls clubs who have used our wood scrap to make: bird houses, doll houses, plaques, signs, garden posts, shelves, planter boxes, pictures frames, pencil holders, easels, and much more.

We work hard to reduce our carbon footprint by using renewable energy and energy efficient machinery whenever possible.  We are committed to preserving this great world of ours.

DLS is Built on Commitment: Reliability, Quality and Safety

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