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Industrial Shrink Wrap & Commercial Heat Shrink Wrap

DLS applies industrial shrink wrap services for Shipment, trucking, and Storage Protection. Industrial Heat Shrink Wrapping for Cargo & Freight Protection. DLS provides industrial shrink wrap services to protect cargo, aerospace, oil and water treatment machinery, industrial machines, equipment, and large machinery for shipment or storage. Industrial shrink wrap, when done correctly, applies easily, doesn’t damage, can breathe, and remains accessible.

Industrial Shrink Wrap Applications

Heat shrink wrapping is great for cargo or freight that need to be covered for storage out of doors, for added protection for indoor storage, or for items that don’t require a full crate for protection but need a cover from rain and debris during transport. The primary advantage of shrink wrapping is protecting non-electronic equipment from the elements, including rain, dust, and debris for either storage or shipment.

Turn Key Project Coordination

DLS will coordinate your entire project, including packaging, truck, air, rail or sea transportation, ensuring a hassle free move.

Industrial Shrink Wrapping is Tougher Than a Tarp

When installed by our professionals, shrink wrap can be tougher and much tighter around the cargo than tarps, eliminating stretching and tearing from wind during transit. The snug fit also keeps the plastic from scratching the cargo.  Industrial shrink wrap s have UV inhibitors produced into them to protect cargo from  sun damage. Shrink wrap is a polyethylene plastic product that when heat is applied it shrink tightly, securing the cargo, providing a barrier to some moisture and debris. The heat shrinking process actually makes the plastic stronger, and when installed by our professionals correctly, can form an effective seal around any odd or irregular shaped, large or items for storage or transport.

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