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Flat Rack

Flat Rack & Open Top Shipping Containers

DLS has wide-ranging experience handling extremely heavy and wide cargo, and we can provide flat rack or open top shipping containers for your important cargo. Flat rack and Open top are two types of cargo transporting methods that are often used with cargo that is too tall or bulky to fit in standard shipping containers. Flat racks normally either have fixed or folding ends, and cargo is loaded from the sides or tops. Open tops have closed sides and allow cargo to be loaded from the top, cargo is the covered with a tarp.

Whether you need to transport an airplane fuselage, wind turbines, industrial compressors or any other large industrial equipment, DLS can handle the move. We are experts in moving heavy equipment and irregularly-shaped, including out-of-gauge cargo that doesn’t fit in a standard shipping container. We can handle every step of the move, from crating, installation, trucking, rigging, and cranes if needed, to load and unload your cargo.

Turn Key Project Coordination

DLS will coordinate your entire project, including packaging, truck, air, rail or sea transportation, ensuring a hassle free move.

Benefits & Features of Open Tops & Flat Racks:

The primary benefit of an open top or flat rack shipment is that it allows businesses to safely transport large or unwieldy cargo that doesn’t fit in regular shipping containers. Below are a few of the most important things to know about each type of shipping container.

Types of Containers:

  • Standard containers come in 20’ and 40’ lengths.
  • High Cube Containers 20’, 40’ and 53’ lengths.
  • Flat Rack and Open Tops come in 20’ and 40’.
  • DLS can provide all the above.

Flat Rack

  • Container floors are reinforced to support heavy duty cargo.
  • The front and rear walls of the container are either fixed or removable for direct loading.
  • DLS can crate or shrink wrap cargo or provide another protective barrier to prevent damage or loss of parts during transportation.

Open Top Containers:

  • Standard containers come in 20’ and 40’ lengths.
  • Container Side walls are made from corrugated steel.
  • Cargo can be either loaded from the top or through opening rear doors.
  • A tarp may be used to cover the top of the container and protect cargo from the elements.

Why Have DLS Move Your Flat Rack OOG Cargo?


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