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Export Crates

Export Crates

International Shipping Takes its Toll. Let DLS handle your international crating. We understand all the regulatory guidelines, shipping factors, and environmental factors that are involved in shipping your cargo. Let are team of experts crate and ship your cargo. With custom designed and built export crates, your cargo will arrive to its final destination in perfect condition.

  • International Heat Treatment Standard ISPM 15 certified
  • Vapor barrier protection to protect against moisture and rain
  • 100% cargo protection
  • Flatrack requirements
  • BreakBulk Cargo
  • Containerizing

Packing and crating for export requires smarter and heavy duty build

Vapor Barrier Bagging - Moisture Protection

DLS teams have saved our customers millions of dollars and companies reputations over the years by insisting that the products be projected against moisture. We have saved by offsetting the need to remove rust, repair electrical. Moisture is a constant concern even if it is equipped with air conditioning and a dehumidifier condensation will occur in the holds of cargo ship. Additionally, cargo may also be unloaded in the rain or fog, or the foreign port may not have covered storage facilities - enter DLS custom built export crates.

Further Protecting Your Goods:

DLS export packing and crating use safeguards include Base tie downs, heavy duty straps, Container locks, vapor barrio bags, shrink wrap.


Transloading is the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another, such as when cargo must be shipped internationally from one inland point to the port for example.

Containerizing: Blocking and Bracing for Cargo Containers

DLS will properly load, block and brace your cargo containers for ocean export shipments. Expertly loaded, blocked, and braced container are integral to safe arrival of your product.

ISPM 15 process

Under ISPM 15, all non-manufactured wood packaging materials (WPM) for export – including: crating wood, wood pallets, wood skids, and loose wood dunnage - must be treated, either by heat or fumigation. Manufactured wood products such as plywood, oriented strand board (OSB) and particle board do not need to be treated as any pests are destroyed during the manufacturing process.

Heat treating process heats the wood until its core temperature gets to 56 degrees Celsius for at least 30 minutes. This process is widely accepted as an effective means to destroy any pests that could be harmful to forests. Wood can also be fumigated, but heat treating is considered an environmentally preferable alternative.

DLS is Built on Commitment: Reliability, Quality and Safety

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